5 Secrets to Attract More Pickleball Players and Dominate the Court!

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5 Secrets to Attract More Pickleball Players and Dominate the Court!

5 Secrets to Attract More Pickleball Players and Dominate the Court!

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America, with millions of players picking up a pickleball paddle every day. If you want to become an expert at this fun game, keep reading for my top five tips on attracting more pickleball players from every generation and making them want to play again and again.


Most people get into pickleball because it is a fun, fast-paced game that's easy to learn. It's also a great cardiovascular workout and an excellent way to meet new people. You'll have so much fun playing pickleball with your family and friends that you might even forget about how much it can do for your health.


The more players you have on the court, the better your game will be. Imagine playing a pickleball game where you're the only one on your team. It would be pretty boring, right? But if other people are playing against you, it becomes much more challenging and exciting. This is why it's so crucial that we find ways to attract new players into our sport. Not only does this help us improve our skills as athletes, but it also allows us to enjoy ourselves even more by creating better games with higher stakes.


Here are our top ways to find new players and start hitting the courts.


Secret #1: Utilize Social Media


Pickleball clubs are the perfect place to meet other players, share tips and tricks with your peers, and learn new skills. You can also find pickleball clubs on social media networks like Facebook or Meetup (a site where people organize events).


If you're looking to get involved with pickleball in your area but don't know where to start, searching TikTok or Instagram for #pickleball and then basing it on your geographic region will expose you to the many courts and location people play the most. Then it is just a matter of bringing your favorite P-One Pickleball Paddle to the spot and getting outside of your comfort zone by making an introduction.


You may also want to check out Facebook groups and upcoming local events. You never know when a pickleball group will lead to a lifetime of friends.


Secret #2: Join Local Pickleball Clubs


Although social media will get you part of the way there, the best place to find new pickleball players is in local clubs. These are the organizations that host games, tournaments, and other events where you can easily network with players and teams you may want to join.


If it helps, you can seek out these clubs on open event days instead of private activities. That way, you do not feel like you are pushing too hard if you are a bit more introverted. Otherwise, pick up the phone and call or email the club. Odds are they will be more than happy to have another interested pickleball enthusiast joining their ranks.


Secret #3: Organize Pickleball Tournaments


One of the better ways to attract more pickleball players is to host your own tournament. This is like drawing more people with honey than having to go and search each individual hive. This will take a bit of work as you’ll need to organize partners, locations, food, bathrooms, judges, and much more to pull it off, but it could lead to an incredible annual event others will appreciate.


Just be sure to have a fun theme and plenty of good prizes. They don’t need to be too expensive, and you can work with local businesses to sponsor some of the awards in lieu of using your own resources. That also ties your event into the community and will definitely keep you top of mind when people discuss pickleball in your area.


Secret #4: Join Beginner Classes and Clinics


There's no better way to get started in pickleball than with a coach. A good coach can help you learn the basics and improve your skills, so it's important that you find one that's right for you. They will team up with other players and local community members designed to challenge you. That gives you an excellent opportunity to meet more like-minded pickleball players.


If there are no beginner classes or clinics in your area, don't worry. There are still plenty of ways to meet other new players who share your passion for pickleball. Check out local parks and recreation centers. Most offer free drop-in pickleball sessions on weekends or during the week after work hours. And if all else fails? Don’t forget to post on social media. Many athletes post their schedules online so people can find them.


Secret #5: Network with Other Pickleball Players and Organizations


Networking is one of the most essential secrets to attracting more pickleball players and dominating the court. It's how you find a job, find a spouse, and make friends. You want to insert yourself into a community with similar goals and interests. This will help you feel better connected to the local pickleball scene and develop friendships with other players.


The easiest way to network as a pickleball player is through social media, clubs and organizations, and other people who share your interests. You can also try networking with other pickleball players via specific scheduling apps or local activities. Be sure to visit your town’s Facebook group as well as the local grocery store, library, post office, and Yoga studio. Odds are, they each will have physical and digital postings on local events, including pickleball.


Bonus: Practice on Your Own at a Park


Sometimes you can find other players by simply showing your enjoyment of the game. Go to a local park where you think people may want to play and start hitting a ball against a wall or working on your serve from a bag. You never know who may reach out to talk about the game and be interested in learning more from you.


Don’t Forget the Gear


As a last little tip, you may have forgotten, show up wherever you want to play with quality gear. It doesn’t need to break the bank or be overly flashy. However, if you demonstrate to other people that are aware of pickleball you have quality shoes, paddles, balls, and other equipment, you show your love of the game.


This is like the billiard player with a custom cue or a basketball player with a favorite ball from the NBA. You are showing that you are deeply involved in the game and ready to learn more from other players who are also interested.


Wrapping it Up


So there you have it, five secrets to attracting more pickleball players and dominating the court! If you've made it this far into our article, then we know that you're a true pickleball enthusiast. We hope this guide has helped you find some new ways to grow your community and attract even more people who love this sport as much as we do.


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