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USAPA Approved

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Dear Pickleball Enthusiast,

We bring you the P-one, your new pickleball paddle. Crafted with care and attention to detail by passionate players obsessed with finding the perfect balance between control, power, and spin, we put together the best technology has to offer for your comfort, ease of use and performance. 

Countless hours of prototyping, testing (our favorite part), and iterating with teams of physicists, engineers, and players of all levels went into the making of what we believe to be the ultimate pickleball paddle. We thought of every little detail, to provide you with a playing experience, that’s just... next level.

We’re quite proud of our P-one, we played our part well, now it’s time for you to play yours: let’s nicol-up your game!



Team nicol.


Face: Frosted Carbon Fiber, Twill Weave

Core: Polymer HexCore Honeycomb

Shipping & Returns

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30 days no questions asked return policy

Lifetime Warranty


Face length: 282mm - 11.10inches

Handle length: 130mm - 5.12inches 

Total Paddle Length - 412mm - 16.22inches

Width: 192mm - 7.56inches

Core thickness - 13.85mm - 0.55inches

Total length + width = 604mm - 23.78inches 

USAPA Compliant - requirement <609mm per USAPA regulation

Care Instructions

Inspect pickleballs prior to playing, as tiny pieces of debris can become embedded in pickleball during play. This debris can be carried into the paddle face, causing damage. This type of damage is purely cosmetic and does not affect
paddle performance.

Avoid ground strikes.

Avoid exposing the paddle to extreme temperatures.

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  • Perfect Balance

    Tested and proven paddle weight distribution for improved balance, control, and maneuverability

  • Larger Sweet Spot

    Evenly distributed honeycomb PP Core Cells for a more consistent surface and a larger sweet spot

  • Frosted Carbon Fiber

    A high-grit carbon fiber surface that grips the ball for maximum spin and ball placement

Designing the Perfect Pickleball Paddle


The aerodynamic curve reduces air friction on each swing and increases your swing speed. This provides greater control and power while conserving energy on each swing.


Our Carbon Fiber surface delivers a stiffer, more consistent paddle face. This reduces flex and dampening allowing for a greater bounce back and power on each shot.


Our Frosted Spin technology on the paddle surface allows you to put more spin on the ball for added control and fast-dipping shots at your opponent's feet.


The edge-to-edge consistency of our paddle face provides a longer-lasting spin surface and unparalleled consistency, ensuring that each shot is as consistent as the next. 

Aerodynamic Curve

A scientifically designed curvature that increases swing speed while reducing drag. This unique design feature allows for greater control and more efficient swings

Frosted Carbon Fiber

A high-grit textured surface on top of a carbon fiber twill weave. The combination of these two materials provides improved spin, control, and power

Elongated Pickleball Paddle

Increased reach for aggressive play, provides greater leverage for powerful shots which can help generate more speed and spin on the ball

P-One Paddle Specs

Lightweight paddle featuring 16mm core thickness and 8oz total weight

Find Your Perfect Paddle Weight

Customize your pickleball paddle weight today with our 3g pickleball lead tape

Level-Up Your Game