Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis? The Real Answer

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Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis? The Real Answer

Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis? The Real Answer

If you're looking for an accessible, dynamic sport to help get your whole family up and moving, then pickleball is definitely worth considering.


It's fast-paced yet easy to learn. So whether you're new to sports altogether or a seasoned tennis pro looking for something different, the game of pickleball has something to offer everyone!


One if the questions our Pickleball experts here at nicolpickleball are most asked is whether Pickleball is easier than tennis.


So join us as we explore how each aspect of pickleball compares to tennis and find out the definitive answer.


From court structure and equipment right down to strategies.


Read on and find out why pickleball might just be the best racquet sport around!


So let’s hit the mini answer first before we put these two racquet sports head to head and find out the real answer as to whether Pickleball is easier than tennis.


Whether pickleball is easier or harder than tennis will depend on the individual person. Its equipment differs from tennis, with paddles favored rather than racquets, a lighter ball, and lower net height. The court size is smaller and the scoring system simple, making it more accessible than traditional tennis.


Ok so with the brief in place, let’s start by understanding a little more about both sports so you can begin to make your mind up as to the difficulty level of each sport.

Is Pickleball easier than tennis?

Pickleball may have the edge on accessibility over a traditional game of tennis.


The court size is generally smaller and the scoring system simple, so playing pickleball doesn't require as much physical endurance in some ways as tennis.


The shorter game duration makes it even more accessible to a wide range of players, making pickleball an ideal game for those who want to enjoy a fun and competitive match.


Its smaller court size and slower-moving ball make it simpler to learn and can be played on a variety of surfaces compared to the traditional green grass courts often seen in tennis.


As far as difficulty, it relies much more on strategy and quick reflexes than perhaps the power and agility needed with long volleys in tennis!

Pickleball Vs tennis - strategy

Is Pickleball easier than tennis? Well, it depends on what you consider to be easy.


While it may appear easy at first glance, players soon discover that a proper understanding of the game's strategy takes some skill and creativity to win.


The main difference between Pickleball and tennis strategy lies in the size of the court.


In Pickleball, the court is much smaller than in tennis, as we discovered earlier, which means players must think more quickly and react to a variety of shots from their opponents.


The ball also moves slower so players must be prepared for a wide range of spins and angles of attack.


Additionally, there are no lines within Pickleball courts which mean that players must strategically place shots in open spaces rather than aiming for designated areas on the court as is often done in Tennis.


The strategy involved in this game cannot be understated and is sure to challenge even experienced players!

Pickleball and tennis equipment - is Pickleball easier than tennis?

Pickleball equipment differs from tennis gear in several ways.


For this reason pickleball is sometimes considered an easier game than tennis because the equipment used to play is quite different.


In Pickleball, paddles are favored rather than racquets, which makes it simpler and a little more comfortable to use.


The ball used for Pickleball is also much lighter in weight than a regular tennis ball, which can mean it feels easier to make those shots count.


Also, the net used for Pickleball heights is set lower compared to a standard tennis court net, allowing for plays at ground level, which makes the game more accessible and less strenuous for all ages. Which was the whole reason the game was invented originally.


Instead of traditional rackets, players usually use paddles with either a solid surface or holes carved into them. They can also be made of carbon fibre which takes your game up a level!


Additionally, the net in pickleball is lower than in tennis, which often makes it easier to hit shots over it.


All these factors together make Pickleball popular among people who find tennis a little more daunting.


So if you're looking for an easier way to get into racket sports this might be just the option you're looking for!

Pickleball scoring Vs tennis scoring

Pickleball scoring is quite distinct from tennis, but it doesn't mean that tennis is necessarily harder.


Pickleball scoring is one of its defining characteristics, as it differs from traditional tennis scoring in a few important ways.


To begin with, Pickleball is generally played to 11 points rather than the traditional 15 of tennis.


One of the main differences between Pickleball and tennis is that when playing Pickleball, each side starts with 11 points but no one can win a game until they score 15 points


However, in tennis, each side starts at 0 points and you must reach either 4 or 6 to win a game (depending on how many sets are being played).


This makes it slightly faster-paced and can make for some thrilling matches.


Another interesting aspect of the scoring system is that instead of the normal “advantage” point when players reach 10- 10, Pickleball has a “win by two” policy where the first team to reach 12 points wins instead.


So while tennis appears harder at first glance given its higher point threshold, clever strategizing can go a long way in Pickleball matches making this equally challenging sport!

Is a Pickleball court the same size as a tennis court?

The court size for Pickleball is much smaller than what you would find on a regulation-size tennis court.


A typical Pickleball court measures 20 x 44 feet and divides the playing area into two equal halves, whereas a standard doubles tennis court size spans 78 x 36 feet and divides the playing area into four sections.


A Pickleball court is about one-third the size of a tennis court, with a wire mesh net raised to a slightly different height.


The lower running net also makes Pickleball easier than tennis in some regards. This means players more often reach shots they would miss while playing tennis.


One big advantage that comes with Pickleball on a smaller court is you don’t need to run back and forth as much as you do in tennis.


But that doesn’t mean that Pickleball is easy - advanced players often put up some challenging rallies given the shorter distance across the court.


So if you’re looking for an easier option that doesn’t require as much space as tennis then pickleball could be just what you're looking for.


However, don’t underestimate it - is it harder than tennis? That depends entirely on who you ask!

Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis?- To finish

So whether pickleball is easier or harder than tennis will depend on each individual person.


However, similkar to tennis, It does have its own unique rules and strategies that make it a fun and interesting game to play.


Plus, with the differences in playing space, angled shots and easier access, it’s definitely a unique sport worth giving a try.


Pickleball will require some fine motor movements as well as strategy and teamwork - all of which you can perfect as you go along. So why not give it a go?


And if you're looking for some amazing gear to get started, head over to our store to discover our innovative sleek paddle designs, perfect for an introduction to the sport or to level up.