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Dear Pickleball Enthusiast, 

We bring you the R-One, your new pickleball paddle. Crafted with care and attention to detail by passionate players obsessed with finding the perfect balance between control, power, and spin, we put together the best technology has to offer for your comfort, ease of use and performance.

Countless hours of prototyping, testing, and iterating with teams of physicists, engineers, and players of all levels went into the making of what we believe to be the ultimate pickleball paddle.

We’re quite proud of our R-One, we played our part well, now it’s time for you to play yours.



Team nicol.


Paddle Specifications





PP Thickness

16 mm

Handle Length


133.5 mm


T700 Carbon fiber Frosted Surface PP honeycomb


The hexed core leverages a unique cell size delivering relentless power with the right amount of “pop” consistent throughout the paddle surface.

Elongated Surface

Maximized surface area and sweet spot for a more accurate style of play. The larger racket surface allows for more forgiving swings and decreased missed shots.

Frosted Carbon Fiber Surface

A specially made high-grit textured surface layered on top of a carbon fiber twill weave. The combination of these two materials provides improved spin, control, and power.

Designing the ultimate paddle


Reduced drag and increased swing speeds for maximum maneuverability.


Raw Japanese carbon fiber with unmatched power.


High-grit, frosted hitting surface for next-level spin.


Carefully woven twill for edge-to-edge consistency.


100 reviews
Jared T.
As a fairly new pickleball player but long-time tennis player, I was looking for a paddle that could match my playstyle in tennis: ball placement and control. After trying a few paddles from friends (CRBN 1 , Joola Hyperion) I came to the conclusion that pickleball paddles should not cost more than $100... let alone $200.
First of all… the packaging. Wow. It made me way more excited to open the box. In the past I’ve ordered some Joola paddles, and they never come in such nice packaging. You’d think spending over $200 on a paddle would get you kind of protective packaging but it had a flimsy little paper covering the face and that was it. So, the Nicol paddle made a great first impression. I also really liked the handle length when I first picked it up!
Brian Park
Great balance of power and control: The Nicol Pickleball Paddle has a perfect balance of power and control. It is lightweight and easy to swing, but it still provides enough power to hit the ball hard and deep. The paddle also has a large sweet spot, which gives me more confidence in my shots. As someone who likes to spin, the woven grit on the paddle is excellent to help to provide spin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the paddle have a warranty?
Yes! Any manufacturing defect within 6 months of purchase date will be covered under warranty. Please note it cover the paddle only and will not include shipping!
How do I maintain and care for my pickleball paddle?
Avoid frequent ground strikes, clean the paddle regularly, and store it in a protective cover when not in use. Using protective tape around the edges can also increase the lifespan of your paddle.